A poem with strong feelings

A short poem I wrote a few years ago:


I don’t want to!


I don’t want to get out of bed so let me sleep in

Its still so dark out there

Waking me up will have me in a spin!


I don’t want to brush my teeth

I only do as you ask so kindly

But You keep reminding me

To be so timely!


I don’t want to eat my cereal so quick

If I chew and swallow any faster,

You‘ll soon have me feel sick!


I don’t want to tidy after my mess

My baby sister made it all!

It’s not fair to put me through this stress!


I don’t want to go for my bath

I get cold and wet and as for my hair,

it’s turning into a screaming warpath!


I don’t want to have my hair brushed

Yes I told you I wanted to grow my hair

But pulling it was not something we discussed!


I don’t want to go to bed,

I will miss you so so much

Please, mom, lay your hand on my head.