A party? What’s a party?

So my book is finally released now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and the feeling is out of this world. This is one of the happiest moments of my life! Like a milestone, a BIG milestone! I have wanted to do this for the past couple of decades and now felt like a perfect time!

I think for me, two good things came out of the pandemic- this book of course, and…… a greater appreciation for the career known as teaching or more specifically TEACHERS! Before I forget whilst writing these blogs, I have to say it at least once. THANK YOU, TEACHERS! Thank you for all that you do for our children. I have had to learn to be soooo patient when teaching especially my eldest even though she was not in kindergarten quite yet, I knew she had the capability to go beyond and we had a mini home school during the pandemic times. Even for my four-year-old Joseph (who the story is based on) I got quite a bit of teaching done using my self-taught Google searched teaching skills.

Anyway, enough digressing. So as the pandemic eased, my husband and I decided to have a small book launch party 2 weeks ago. Wow! A party! Now when was the last time I went to one of those ??? So we decided to have it at home, nice and intimate. Decorations, food (including a book cover decorated cake!), and entertainment were decided on (Entertainment being my book reading to the kids- which they all surprisingly managed to sit through the whole book, and ‘releasing 10 balloons’ up into the sky- which was my husband’s wonderfully cute idea). I will never forget Joseph’s eyes as he looked at the balloons turn into dots in the distant evening sky. 

Anyway, throughout the whole party, I managed to keep my cool surprisingly well but of course, felt like a 6-year-old having her princess-themed birthday party and eating candy all day.

Thank you for reading! Keep on imagining and never give up!