Up Up You Go Jo!

One morning, music-loving Jo wakes up to discover that his musical notes have disappeared!

Where could they have gone to?

Join determined Jo on a dreamy music space adventure as he goes in search of his notes!

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Up Up You Go Jo! by Mariam Shapera is a lovely children’s book with excellent illustrations. Jo has written some music and leaves it while he goes to bed. In the night, the wind blew hard, and when Jo got up the following day, he found all his musical notes had disappeared. He searched high and low but couldn’t find them anywhere. When he goes to the fair with his parents, he sees some balloons and has an idea. Maybe his notes were swept up into space. Jo purchases the balloons to set off on a space adventure and find his notes. Up there, he meets aliens, sees asteroids, shooting stars, planets, and a rocket. Could all this be real, or is it just a dream?

Up Up You Go Jo! by Mariam Shapera is the perfect story for bedtime. The illustrations are excellent and perfectly match the story as Jo journeys to find his notes. The story is laid out well, easy to read and understand, and is concise. It’s a story that lets your child’s imagination run riot as they journey with Jo into space, seeing all those wonderful things and having the time of their lives. It is also a book that will encourage kids to ask questions and learn about space, rockets, planets, shooting stars, and more. Educational and fun are the best books for kids, and I guarantee that all kids will love having this read to them at bedtime.
What kid doesn't love a space adventure?!
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Space adventure with a twist! This book combines themes of music and outer space which is something I've never seen before. The idea of floating into space with balloons is such a timeless child fantasy that the author incorporates into a quest for missing music notes. It promotes originality with Jo composing his own music, as well as teaches about the different types of music notes.
Great book! Great vocabulary!
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Super sweet fictional story about a boy who has lost his musical notes. This book was perfect for my children as my son is getting ready for his first piano competition and was stressing out. We picked up the book, read for a little bit, and he absolutely loved it! It was the motivation he needed to get back on the piano.

As a retired teacher, the vocabulary in this book is wonderful. Definitely allows children to understand the story yet leaves room to infer on word meanings.
Up up You Go J Mariam Shapera

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