Pregnant in a pandemic

Up up You Go J Mariam Shapera

I am Mariam. I have always wanted to write. Be it short stories or poems. It started when I was a teenager as I used to read those Point Horror thriller fictions and English literature classics. I used to make up stories in my mind while trying to fall asleep at night time. I wrote a few poems and short stories here and there in my teens.

Then serious high school came and my love for science and everything about the human body grew until it engulfed my mind and decided I wanted to be a doctor. My parents both wrote in their spare time which always made me wonder why I am not writing as well.

Then of course there was medical school and even trying to think about wanting to write something became a thing of the past. I went through this period of my life where writing just wasn’t important anymore.  I had to graduate and become this family doctor that I aspired to be. I then had to work 80hr weeks during residency with just about enough time leftover for sleep and food.

Later, getting married and being blessed with three children meant I had to cleverly find ways to spend enough time with my kids so as not to feel guilty but also have to work so as not lose the career that I have spent half my life preparing for.

Then 2020 arrived. I became pregnant with my 4th baby and discovered he would not survive due to a chromosomal anomaly. In addition to that painful news, we got hit by the pandemic. I lived with this and wrote my first book whilst I was 7-8mths pregnant. Sure enough, I had a stillbirth and by then my story was complete. It was a children’s book as you likely know by now, short and sweet.

The story is not inspired by the pregnancy but rather the pregnancy brought out a change in my mental state that drove me to write. Feeling so close to my children during this time was inspiring (especially my middle space-loving music crazy child).

Thank you for reading and being here. I hope we get to know each other better as we move on. I will share some of my poems and other works here. I will write my blogs here and I apologize in advance if I brag at times. We all need to brag from time to time.

This summer will be extra exciting. Your children will have a book on their shelves worthy of an imaginative out-of-this-world journey. That I can promise.


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