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Up Up You Go Jo!, by Mariam Shapera | Dedicated Review

What to Expect: Music, imagination, problem-solving, space.

Jo composes a masterpiece on his piano with half, quarter, and eighth notes and leaves it on the music stand when he goes to bed one windy night. When he wakes up the next day, however, his notes have all vanished from the score! Realizing the wind must have blown them away, Jo buys some balloons from the fair and sets out that night on a journey into outer space to look for them. He meets aliens and astronauts there and sees planets, asteroids, and shooting stars—and, most importantly, he finds his missing notes! When he wakes up the next day, his notes are all right back where they belong. Was his journey just a dream?

Music is all about letting one’s imagination soar, and that’s precisely what Up Up You Go Jo! invites readers to do. Jo’s adventures are whimsical and fun, and young readers are sure to enjoy imagining themselves in his place, exploring the rings of Saturn, or hopping on board a rocket ship. The cheerful, cartoon-like illustrations add color to the story and teach readers to recognize the different musical notes that can be used in a composition as they float across the page.

Up Up You Go Jo! would be an excellent choice for kids who take music lessons and for all music-loving readers.

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