A party? What’s a party?

So my book is finally released now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and the feeling is out of this world. This is one of the happiest moments of my life! Like a milestone, a BIG miestone! I have wanted to do this for the past couple of decades and now felt like a perfect time!

I think for me, two good things came out of the pandemic- this book of course, and…… a greater appreciation for the career known as teaching or more specifically TEACHERS! Before I forget whilst writing these blogs, I have to say it at least once. THANK YOU TEACHERS! Thank you for all that you do for our children. I have had to learn to be soooo patient when teaching especially my eldest even though she was not kindergarten quite yet, I knew she had the capability to go beyond and we had a mini home school during the pandemic times. Even for my my four year old Joseph (who the story is based on) I got quite a bit of teaching done using my self-taught Google searched teaching skills.

Anyway, enough digressing. So as the pandemic eased, my husband and I decided to have a small book launch party 2 weeks ago. Wow! A party! Now when was the last time I went to one of those ??? So we decided to have it at home, nice and intimate. Decorations, food (including a book cover decorated cake!) and entertainment were decided on (Entertainment  being my book reading to the kids- which they all surprisingly managed to sit through the whole book, and ‘releasing 10 balloons’ up into the sky- which was my husband’s wonderfully cute idea). I will never forget Joseph’s eyes as he looked at the balloons turn into dots in the distant evening sky. 

Anyway throughout the whole party, I managed to keep my cool surprisingly well but of course felt like a 6 year old having her princess themed birthday party and eating candy all day.

Thank you for reading! Keep on imagining and never give up!

A poem on the feelings of stillbirth


My Quiet baby


My small quiet baby, born oh so quiet,

You did not move, look into our eyes, or cause a riot.


I would feel your fluttering and jumps inside of me,

Yet how few and far in between they were to be.


I saw your pictures on the ultrasound being awakened from your sleep,

Then you would move around too quickly for me to have a closer peep.


You were born and I looked into those perfect but still fingertips,

So perfectly small with the most beautiful lips.


I knew that you were unwell but prayed for a cure,

But instead, God had a greater plan for you, my baby,  oh so pure!


Your sweet smell perfumes your cloths kept in my memory box,

Bringing back memories that burn like electric shocks.


Up to the singing angels your innocent soul was taken,

I did not see your eyes or hear your cries, feeling completely shaken.


I kissed you and said ‘I love you’ but how could this be it?

I kept wanting to hold on for a few more minutes, for just a bit?


There was sadness that turned into anger as I had to part,

Now you are just a painful memory forever imprinted into my heart.


I will never hear your voice or see you lose your first tooth,

I will never see you play with your siblings or see you grow into youth.


I will never see you walk your first steps or learn to swim in the pool,

I will never get to walk with you on your first day of school.


Yes my heart is feeling a pain it never knew would exist,

I had to give you up but the short memory of you will forever persist.


My sweet baby John, you are not here but I will always love you!

I am thankful you are looked after, watching from above with the best view!


And with your eyes open wide, I will see you again soon,

‘I am your loving mama’ I will shout it out, all the way to the moon!

A poem with strong feelings

A short poem I wrote a few years ago:


I don’t want to!


I don’t want to get out of bed so let me sleep in

Its still so dark out there

Waking me up will have me in a spin!


I don’t want to brush my teeth

I only do as you ask so kindly

But You keep reminding me

To be so timely!


I don’t want to eat my cereal so quick

If I chew and swallow any faster,

You ‘ll soon have me feel sick!


I don’t want to tidy after my mess

My baby sister made it all!

It’s not fair to put me through this stress!


I don’t want to go for my bath

I get cold and wet and as for my hair,

it’s turning into a screaming warpath!


I don’t want to have my hair brushed

Yes I told you I wanted to grow my hair

But pulling it was not something we discussed!


I don’t want to go to bed,

I will miss you so so much

Please mom, lay your hand on my head.

SBS Assyrian radio station interview

A few days ago I was contacted by the executive producer of SBS Assyrian  radio station located in Sydney, Australia to do an interview for them about my first illustrated Children’s book titled Up Up You Go Jo! I was so excited and happy to do this but would be lying if I didn’t say a little nervous too (ok a BIG nervous).

The interview is conducted in a mixture of Assyrian/Chaldean language and English.  The former languages, which are close, are the native languages of my country of birth, Iraq (previously named Mesopotamia), There are a group of people around the world (not just in present day Iraq) that still speak this language just as I  and my family do. They are a minority group and this radio station has done much to reach out to the Assyrians in Australia and around the world communicating and discussing on all topics of life.


Here is the  podcast link to the interview. I hope you enjoy it!